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About the Doctor

Dr. Santoshi Nagaonkar


MBBS, MS, DNB (Surgery), DNB (Urology), Fellow, European Board of Urology (FEBU), Fellow Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS- Urology)


22+ years


  • Fellowship in Advanced Robotic Urological Surgery- University of Southern California, LA- Oct-Nov 2014

  • Fellowship in Robotic Urology- Peter McCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne- 2014

  • Fellowship in Advanced Urology- St Vincent's Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney Australia- 2007

  • Fellowship in Urology- Repatriation General Hospital, Flinders Hospital, Adelaide. SA- 2004

  • Fellowship in Urology- Port Macquarie Base Hospital, NSW Australia- 2003


English, Hindi, Marathi

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More about Dr. Santoshi

Dr. Santoshi Janardan Nagaonkar is an Indian and Australian trained Urologist with 22 years of experience and has vast experience in performing routine and complex urological cancer surgeries such as Robotic prostatectomy, bladder and kidney cancer surgeries as well as cancer of the testes and penis. Dr. Nagaonkar was instrumental in establishing the Robotic Urology program at Sir H N Reliance Foundation hospital. In the past, he has also been credited to establish the Robotic Surgery program at P D Hinduja Hospital, where he was working in the capacity of the lead role for their Robotic Department. Dr. Nagaonkar is one of the only urologists in India to perform a Transrectal Ultrasound Guided or Transperineal Prostate Biopsy to diagnose Prostate Cancer.

Dr. Nagaonkar has been the recipient of the highest award at the national level, the H S Bhat Gold Medal by the Diplomate National Board in 2002-03. Post which, he was immediately invited to work as a Fellow in the advanced urology program in New South Wales, and South Australia. He accomplished the formal urological and advanced urological training from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and was awarded the FRACS. Thereafter, he worked as a Consultant Urologist and Urological Oncologist at Manning Base, Forster Private and Newcastle private hospitals, NSW, Australia from 2005-2014.

With over 50 publications to his credit in peer-reviewed journals and media releases, Dr. Nagaonkar has a special interest in Urological Cancer Surgery and has always been technologically driven. He displays complete conviction to introduce new technology which would be beneficial to his patients.

Educational Pursuits

Equipped with a strong academic background, Dr. Nagaonkar is actively involved in teaching activities. He has been a postgraduate teacher for "Diplomate National Board" (DNB). He continues his academic commitment to Australian Surgical College and is a member of "The Academy of Surgical Educators". Dr. Nagaonkar also keeps his commitment to innovations in the medical field and has been involved in conducting research in affiliation with IIT Powai, Mumbai. He is also a Fellow and Member of the European Board of Urology, American Urological Association, Urological Society of India and Royal College of Surgeons, Australia.

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International experience and engagements

Dr Santoshi had a busy practice in the state of New South Wales, Australia and carries a rich experience of 12 years working at one of the busiest institutes in Australia. 

Dr Santoshi still continues to get engaged in various academic and training activities. He is a senior visiting faculty at one of the largest university of Australia, the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. 

Dr Santoshi also hold adjunct faculty status at University of Southern California, LA USA. 

He is a full member of:

  • American Urological Association (AUA)

  • European Board of Urology (EBU)

  • Urological Association of Asia

Commitment to Quality Care

Dr. Nagaonkar is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest standard of care through an ethical and evidence-based approach. His commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest medical research ensures that his patients receive treatments and recommendations that are rooted in scientific evidence and tailored to their individual needs. By prioritizing ethical considerations in his practice, Dr. Nagaonkar demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility towards his patients' well-being, making him a trusted and compassionate healthcare provider.

Dr. Nagaonkar goes above and beyond in providing comprehensive clinical services to his patients. From the initial clinical detailing and thorough examination to the meticulous evaluation and treatment planning, he ensures that every step is executed with precision and care. Whether recommending medical or surgical interventions, Dr. Nagaonkar's decisions are rooted in a patient-centric approach, placing their well-being at the forefront. His commitment doesn't end with the treatment; he offers dedicated aftercare and regular follow-ups, ensuring a seamless and holistic healing journey. This end-to-end approach reflects his dedication to delivering the highest quality healthcare experience to each individual under his care.

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